I feel I could burst into tears any moment. I think this has something to do with the fact that my start date seems to be confirmed for the new job. So now I feel all shaky and wibbly. One consequence of this is that I dragged the side of the car against the gatepost again on the way into my back yard. Sometimes I am just a bit too delicate.

So. a couple of positive pics to show the world is not so bad

The first of the autumn crocuses growing luminously through a pile of mulch. I planted 4 lots of autumn flowering bulbs, umm, last autumn. Not suprisingly, none had flowered yet. Wonder if any of the others will. This is a meadow crocus, supposed to be hardy. certainly beautiful. The flowers are much larger than I expected, no bad thing.

Got back from Pt Fairy Monday night. House is still full of camping gear in the wrong places and lots of laundry, some washed, some not. Spent pretty much all festival working on a pair of these:

this is the black and pink remake of the Durer "walking frock" or so I dub it. Maybe i will remember to post a pic of the etching when you eventually get a pic of the finished gown. Amusingly that is a corner of sheet you see pretending to be a chemise sleeve.

Oh, my replacement at work has been announced. He starts on Monday. I actually have some confidence he will be up to the challenge. I then have two weeks leave to go to festi and start the new job after that.....Wibble. It is good, so why do I feel so feeble? relief? fear of the next thing? whatever,  I had better get over it I suppose.



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