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( Mar. 1st, 2009 09:34 pm)
I have had a lovely weekend. Am now trying to persuade myself not to be out of sorts 'cause it is nearly done. Next week will be busy at work and every night is committed too with Port Fairy at the end. All good but I am in a mood to not be pressured. Just got to deal.

I had a lovely time at Circa last night. Good company and most inspiring. I want to make and make and make, oh and wear.  I was sadly really too tired to enjoy it to the full. My own silly fault for working so hard during the day.

I am often amused by the collection of often unrelated things that one sees fit to purchase on a shopping trip. Today's haul:
- a pair of swimming trunks- black boy-leg bather bottoms -courtesy of a gift voucher from work
-a reel of thread (oh- L-craft really has gone down hill. My list was longer than this but they didn't stock any of it)
-a dozen grape hyacinth bulbs bought on a whim
-a seagrass laundry hamper.

I pruned a bunch of things in the front garden this morning, including cutting the burnt bits off the magnolia. Hope the heat on Tues doesn't fry them.

The black Durer is refitted, cut and I have begun assembly. I am a bit concerned about how the front closure will sit. I wanted more bust coverage but that has ended up with a sharp 135deg angle on the front edges. Odd. Still it's either give that a go, risk bust spillage or have unsupported bosums with nasty tension lines.  The upper sleeve slashings are ready to go to Port Fairy for hand work anyway.

I have pulled large amounts of gold lurex out of my old orange underskirt. This has resulted in a much more tasteful garment. Pink/yellow shot (looks orange) with yellow striped bands. I might need to rework the waistband to take away some bulk. However I end up with the warm toned underskirt that I wanted without having to spend time fabric shopping.

I spent a pleasant few hours today with a bunch of people I barely know or had just met, consuming tea and scones and chatting. Nice. Still feel a bit guilty that I didn't go to bash but I wasn't in the zone.

In looking for my old unfinished underskirt, I found two old skirts I had forgotten about. Both fine wool blends and fully lined. They are rather tight in places but with a small amount of work they could be put back into my work wardrobe. So now they are washed at least. The alterations will have to wait until after festi. The black one should be most useful. I had wondered what had happened to it. I made it once apon a time for a conference when I worked in a processing plant and was not allowed to wear skirts to work. It was such a treat back then to be able to wear a skirt for a work event.


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