TGIF. No really, TGIF

-I just walked for as far as ~7000 steps takes one, while dragging a trolley. Yes, after years of owning this thing I finally took it for a walk to buy groceries. I rather enjoyed it but my arm is a bit sore. We have a pedometer challenge on at work. One is supposed to make 10,000 steps a day. This brings today's tally to 12,700. Somewhat makes up for some slack days earlier in the week.

-My screen doors are now not to be installed tomorrow as planned :-(  This is because the installer has been caught up in bushfire consequence. He is ok but was at the funeral of a close friend today, his children's teachers also died, another friend is staying with him after losing his house to the fires. So... he wants to come install my doors on Sunday. I offered later times but he says he wants to get back to the normality of work and besides, he will be at another funeral next Saturday. Sob. Seems there is a reason I did not organised anything for my otherwise totally free Sunday.

I have a long list of things I want to do this weekend. Usual state of affairs. Mostly chores, some cooking- counts as a chore I suppose, couple of big pots of dinner. Hopefully I will also cut some stuff out - a chemise, maybe the black Durer if I have enough brain. At least re-pattern the sleeves and decide which shape the bodice is to be.  Maybe that is not social enough? I do have Spooky men to look forward to Sat night! hope to work some other socialising in somewhere.


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