what a smoky day! Just in case we were in any danger of forgetting the bushfires, the city is blanketed in even heavier smoke than yesterday. I have been feeling heavy hearted due to the constant reminder of tragedy. Also heavy headed and lunged as it sets off hayfever and asthma. Now I have cleverly filled the loungeroom with the smell of burnt wool- more on that later.

I have donated to the red cross, been part of an office collection to buy and donate personal toiletries, sorted various clothes, towels etc into bags to be donated to various destinations- wildlife carers, Vinnies, a fundraising garage sale.

Having done that, I let myself go on an excursion to find fabric for my new festival frock. Found! Eliza delivered. A fine, springy black wool (well 80%) which I plan to trim with pink silk and make another Durer frock out of.. Also could not resist a luscious piece of navy wool almost-satin. Not much of this latter- only around 2m but it was so lovely I had to have it. Doushkasmum says it is enough for a Flemish kirtle. Must make one of those sometime. After Festi I think, maybe next spring. I burn tested them both- hence the smell in the lounge room. Pleased to say the results seem to match the marked fibre content, best I can tell anyway. The black wool is almost all wool- would not keep a flame, good stuff. The navy is 100% wool as advertised. Both are washed and just about to be hung out.

Plotting vege fritters for this evening's soiree. Gold Durer can have another outing to test the minor alterations and different chemise- before I cut more chemises for festi.
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( Feb. 14th, 2009 10:18 pm)
for those that haven't seen it on. Soft focus valentines day edition. Um, read would have got a better shot if I had asked someone else to take it. I am mostly happy with it. The dress that is, not the photo. I now think I should have cut the neckline differently- with more coverage! Hopefully I will do better on the black one.



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