Like many I am feeling shocked and horrified at the bushfire losses. We were chatting and saying it is a different quality of horror when you don't know anyone directly involved. Since then I found out that one of our dancing ladies is one who has lost her house and everything in it. Oh dear. somehow that does change my perspective. Perhaps it shouldn't? but it turns it from a news story into something close and really believable . I am even more sad about it all now even though I haven't seen her or danced in 6mths or more. 

All we had to deal with in the city was the heat and searing wind on Sat. Seems little in comparison. I will do a survey tomorrow to see what plants I have lost if any. I left home just after the cool change came through, am just back from an excursion to Bendigo, so I haven't really seen the results of the weather on my garden. Looks like the sheet shield worked on the lemon tree though. Thankfully saw no evidence of fires on the Calder or in Bendigo (they did have fires but west of the town centre). If we though we would see any, we would not have gone.

Yes we saw the couture exhibition. Yes it was worth seeing. Too sad to talk about it just now.


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