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( Feb. 7th, 2009 08:41 am)
8:30am, 27deg outside with 44 forecast. Garden is watered, sheets and boxes strategically placed to try to shield particular plants from the sun's violent rays, some have new growth since the 40+ days last week.- that would all burn today if not protected. Fingers crossed. Fruit and roses cut and brought inside- they would crisp and burn if left out.

Interesting, the rose buds that have opened since the last baking are bleached. See the pics below. All roses off the same type of bush. They should be the bright pink but I have cream, yellow, apricot  and pale pink ones all picked this morning. Wish I got this selection of colours all the time, only with the roses looking healthy rather than wrinkled, half burnt and otherwise tortured.


I am so glad it is Saturday. I had one of those wakenings today where I thought it was a work day for a few moments, then got the relief and joy of the realisation that it is not!

Next plan is to make a curtain for the back door. Pretty indigo gingham. Well I am trying for a trad kitchen, 'twill go with all that blue and white china.



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