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( Jan. 26th, 2009 04:51 pm)
I've been back a couple of hours from the Surveying Expedition.
-Had a good time in lovely company. Ate very well-hoorah for the cooks! drank enough but not too much, tasted a brilliant mead made from 25yr old honey,  helped out some.
-Taught a formal class- (fibre identification) and at least one informal (hem stitching).
-Did hand finishing on a dress for Rose made by [livejournal.com profile] hometime , wove 3/4 of a pair of garters (partly warp weighted by Rauf)
-Got 4 bullant bites(hand and back)- OUCH and multiple less exciting bites around my ankles. I'll itch for a while.
-Slept in my little pavilion, always fun. Even after the half centre pole snapped during set up (fixed with tent peg splints and the traditional duct tape)

Now I am clean-Yay! the car is unpacked, dresses shaken free of dust, baronial T towels all washed and fluttering on the line.

Still have to unpack properly, do my laundry and put everything away. Time now though for a glass of wine and a bit of a sit down.

Oh- the gold Durer frock got finished prior and  worn on the Sat. I'm almost completely happy with it though I will shift one pair of buttons for a more secure closure.  I failed to take my camera so there is no pic yet. Maybe I can beg one from someone else or you will have to wait for it's next wearing. I was delighted with how many compliments I received on it, most gratifying. Even better, it fits well and is nicely comfy. I am thinking of making another similar frock but really should work on a few more nice linen chemises to replace my old daggy, worn-out cotton voile ones.


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