Two good things have already happened today. Aside from the general wonderfulness of it being Saturday that is.
1. The door man just came and measured up for the two new security screen doors. Yay. So in 4-6 weeks they should be installed! even more yay. Sadly they have to make a couple of ammendments to the new frames that Papa built. We weren't to know. They should give out specs on what the frame should be like as it doesn't come with the door. Maybe they WANT the frame to be wrong so they can charge to fix it? Actually I think not given how little he seemed to want to do the fix out the front!
2. I pin fitted my partly assembled Durer frock. Seems to be OK so I can insert the side gores and continue with construction. I might alter the shoulder angle to get rid of a bit of a wrinkle at the back.

Then I have other good things to look forward to. Apricots! a shopping trip and a clean floor. In reverse order. Lets not dwell on the fact that I have to do the making floor clean thing.


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