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( Jan. 4th, 2009 11:10 am)

This made me laugh out loud, then shudder. How did this invading tendril of jasmine grow so long from up between the floorboards without me noticing? It was wound around the table leg until I disturbed it just now. I watched the film "Grey Gardens" last night- this is some of where the shudder came from. After seeing that I have been one busy little bee this morning- I'm not like them really! The film was sort of interesting but made me feel a bit ill. I will watch the documentary in a few days after I have recovered.

I broke one of my 'resolutions' today. Did gardening first. I have
-repotted the two new chinese lanterns. The idea is to get some height in them before putting them in the ground. I am concerned about them getting too much shade in winter where I want to put them
-repotted the poor old vine that I have been meaning to repot for oh, over a year I think. It looks half dead, wonder if it will recover? Eventually I want to grow it over the north fence- after the fence is replaced. If it dies I shall just plant jasmine I think.
-planted seeds for chilli, parsely, rocket. Might be the wrong time but what the hey
-cut back bits of vege things. I am planning to let one parsely and one silverbeet go properly to seed - for fun and freerange veges.

From being quite poxy, the vege bed looks improved. The rhubarb has taken off, should pick and cook some soon. The capsicum has fruit on it! whippee! I have planted a random thing that has grown out of the compost. I think it is a pumpkin? That will be an adventure. If it gets too big and horrid I shall just rip it out.

Now to do a bit of sewing and prep for bash attendance.  The intention is to achieve pleats in the Durer frock by end of bash. At least one out of the three sections.



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